COR Houston provides essential supplies and other basic resources for students of HISD Title I schools so that students can focus on learning.

COR Houston will actively contribute to and help build the community of support surrounding Houston’s neediest public education students so that all of the students can have what they need to thrive in school.


Anderson Elementary
Ashford Elementary
Attucks Middle
Audrey H. Lawson Middle
Austin High
Baylor Biotech Academy
Bell Elementary
Bellaire High
Bellfort Early Childhood 
Benavidez Elementary
Berry Elementary
Black Middle
Bonham Elementary
Bonner Elementary
Braeburn Elementary
Browning Elementary
Burbank Elementary
Burnet Elementary
Carrillo Elementary
Chavez High
Cornelius Elementary
Crespo Elementary
Cunningham Elementary
Daily Elementary
Davila Elementary
Deady Middle
DeAnda Elementary
De Chaumes Elementary
De Zavala Elementary
Dogan Elementary
Elmore Elementary
Elrod Elementary
Farias Early Childhood 
Foerster Elementary
Fondren Elementary
Fondren Middle
Fonwood Early Childhood 
Foster Elementary
Franklin Elementary
Furr High
Garden Villas Elementary
Golfcrest Elementary
Gregg Elementary
Gross Elementary
Halpin Early Childhood 
Harris, JR, Elementary
Harris, RP, Elementary
Hartman Middle
Henderson, JP Elementary
Herod Elementary
Hilliard Elementary
Hines Caldwell Elementary
Hobby Elementary
Holland Middle
Houston MSTC High
Isaacs Elementary
Jane Long Academy
Kashmere High
Kelso Elementary
Ketelsen Elementary
King, ML, Early Childhood 
Las Américas Newcomer 
Laurenzo Early Childhood 
Law Elementary
Liberty High
Lockhart Elementary
Madison High
Martinez, C, Elementary
McGowen Elementary

McNamara Elementary
Meyerland PVA Middle
Middle College HCC Gulfton
Milby High
Milne Elementary
Mistral Early Childhood 
Mitchell Elementary
Montgomery Elementary
Neff Early Childhood 
Neff Elementary
North Forest High 
Northside High
Oates Elementary
Ortiz Middle
Osborne Elementary
Paige Elementary
Park Place Elementary
Parker Elementary
Patterson Elementary
Petersen Elementary
Piney Point Elementary
Pugh Elementary
Red Elementary
Revere Middle
Robinson Elementary
Rodriguez Elementary
Roosevelt Elementary
Scarborough High
Scroggins Elementary
Seguin Elementary
Shadydale Elementary
Shadowbriar Elementary
Sharpstown High
Sharpstown International
Shearn Elementary
Sterling High
Sugar Grove Middle
Sutton Elementary
Thompson Elementary
Tijerina Elementary
Tinsley Elementary
Valley West Elementary
Walnut Bend Elementary
Waltrip High
Washington, BT, High
Welch Middle
Wesley Elementary
West Briar Middle
Westbury High
Westside High
Wheatley High
Whidby Elementary
White, Ed, Elementary
Whittier Elementary
Windsor Village Elem.
Wisdom High
Woodson Elementary
Worthing High
Yates High
Young Elementary


Kay Wasden, Founder & Board President
Anne Furse, Board Vice President
Cristina Vetrano, Chief Executive Officer, Ronald McDonald House Houston
Steve Vetrano, Chief Executive Officer, Avondale House

COR Houston has no paid staff; volunteers manage all of our activities.

Have a question or a suggestion? Please email us at info@CORHouston.org.