We provide resources to help bring families on campus, as contact with families improves communication about student needs and circumstances.

Community events bring families on campus to facilitate conversations with teachers, administrators, and staff. Engaging with families and providing family support – including funding food and activities for younger children – can allow parents to attend PTO meetings, teacher conferences, performances, and college information sessions, all of which help keep students focused on learning.

COR Houston has supported a variety of special events at Title I schools that promote community engagement. Some examples include:

Typical outdoor celebration pack, including face paint, bubble wands, sidewalk chalk, and hula hoops
Outdoor games and book giveaway at Foerster Elementary School, October 2024
Book giveaway (for all ages) at Wisdom High School, April 2023
Book giveaway at Welch Middle School, September 2023
Community Garden and Beautification Day at Mistral Early Childhood Center, October 2022
Book giveaway and Imagination Library signup at Foerster Elementary School, September 2022
Book giveaway at Westbury Feeder Pattern Back to School Event, August 2021
Face painting at Westbury Feeder Wraparound Fair,
May 2022

“Words cannot express my gratitude for all of the hard work and dedication you poured into this project. You are living proof that compassion and kindness still exist. My students and school community will benefit from your kind acts.” 

Philma Thomas, Vice Principal, Fondren Middle School